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Arch Enemy + Orbit Culture

Arch Enemy + Orbit Culture

Arch Enemy + Orbit Culture

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28 Days
klub B90, ul. Elektryków, Gdańsk, Gdańsk

One of the most successful crews in the world of melodic death metal returns to play July 5 in Gdansk and July 6 in Krakow!

ARCH ENEMY (Sweden) melodic death metal:
Michael Amott can be proud of himself, as he has made death metal history in various lineups (including Carcass and Carnage), and Arch Enemy is the most popular, the biggest and by far the most polished of them. The Swedes' recipe for the perfect cross between the momentousness of catchy heavy metal melodies and death metal slaughter of innocents has proven to be effective as hell. Concerts in big clubs, in halls - it wouldn't have happened if not for the exemplary mastery of the art of songwriting. Last year's "Deceivers" says the most in this regard: the riffs will crush you, the solos will thrill you, and the vocals and choruses won't fall out of your head even after a long one. Live, all these elements kick several times harder, so you won't regret it.

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