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Bielizna - premiera płyty

Bielizna - premiera płyty

Bielizna - premiera płyty

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21 Days
SPATiF, Bohaterów Monte Cassino 54, Sopot

On April 12 in Sopot's Spatif, the band Bielizna will present musical material that will appear on their latest album entitled "Swamp. "Swamp." The premiere songs, as is usual with Bielizzna, are a mixture of many styles and genres - from flamenco to oriental music. In the textual layer one will find many references to current events revealing the grim reality, where refugees are dying in border forests and Putin is sending young Russians to certain death. There will also be somewhat "lighter" songs treating, among other things, Slavic women seeking happiness in the arms of bullfighters and old men who accidentally ended up in Pigalle Square.

The concert will be embellished with metaphysical narration by lyricist and vocalist Jarek Janiszewski.

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