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Moon Hoax

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SPATiF, Bohaterów Monte Cassino 54, Sopot

The band is an explosive mix of personalities fortified on international stages surrounded by such bands as Robotobibok, Jazz Band Mlynarski - Masecki, 100nka, Abradab, Kaliber 44 and Ziemia Planeta Ludzi.

Moon Hoax
The band made its debut in 2013 with the release of their album "Moon Hoax," the title of which alludes to a conspiracy theory about the moon landing, or perhaps more to the lack thereof. The disc is meant to lead one to reflect on everything that surrounds us and what is commonly believed to be true. Their music is like a space, where lyrical narrative converges with free jazz and electronic music, and everything is enchanted in organized, almost architectural sound structures. If you've wondered what a combination of Soft Machine with the music of Komeda and the Medeski Martin & Wood trio might sound like, then you should listen to the Moon Hoax formation.

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